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From staking assets to developing for blockchain,
WELLDONE is a multi-chain service that provides users
with a single key to access all their networks.

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All your stakes.
Served on one plate.

WELLDONE Stake™ is a multi-chain staking platform that allows you to access all your assets with a single wallet. Don’t hassle across multiple blockchains. Just hop onto our platform to join different staking pools at once in a single, unified experience. WELLDONE Stake™ supports over 20+ established networks in the crypto ecosystem and is planning to add more in the future. With us, you can keep all your stakes on one plate.

Multi-chain asset management made easy.

For users who have their crypto assets spread across multiple protocols, WELLDONE can help with tracking and managing all their assets from a single page. WELLDONE unifies multi-chain transaction data into a single experience so you don’t waste time jumping across different platforms. Our soon-to-be-launched data-generated investment portfolios can also give you a thorough analysis of all your assets and come up with your best investment plan.



A one-of-a-kind wallet
for multi-chain assets

WELLDONE Wallet™ is a multi-chain wallet that gives you control over all your coins from a single platform. Use your assets just as you wish across different networks without restraints. Even more, it is a non-custodial wallet that does not require your private key. Only you (not even us) have access to all your assets which makes our wallet even more secure and safe for all our users. Safe yet extensive, our wallet is a one-of-a-kind crypto wallet that manages multi-chain assets with a single UX.

Cut development time with our Universal Provider.

Universal Provider is our key mechanism that integrates Web 3.0 providers into a single standardized API. WELLDONE facilitates injection across multiple networks through the Universal Provider, acting as a multi-chain integration tool for developers. This means our users can access and develop services for different protocols through a single provider which can save some valuable time. We build infrastructure to lower barriers for developers so that more players can contribute to the growth of the crypto ecosystem. Don’t waste time switching in-between multiple networks. Join us and focus more on bringing your ideas to life.

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